like the industry has
never seen before!

and TESTED in All Weather Conditions!
The ONLY ‘Rub Off’ Detection Tag in the Industry... and the one that WORKS BEST!
  • No False Positives associated with ‘scratch off’ tags.
  • Affordably Priced, the MUST USE Estrus Detector.
  • User-Friendly, Peel-N-Stick Application.

Kenny Lee, Mgr.
Fairview Angus Ranch, Melville, Montana

"FairView Angus Ranch has used Standing Heat estrus detection patches for the last couple of years with great success.  We use around 1000 patches a year and have minimal if any loss, the patch adhesive is so sticky they can actually be difficult to get off the cow.  The patch rub off rate is a true reflection of how much the animal has been ridden. We feel we are catching more true heats, in turn getting more cattle bred.  We’ve tried other brands of heat detection patches, but once you use the Standing Heat system you won’t want to use anything else."
When applied, tags are engineered to hug the
curvature shape of thefemales backboneas they
warm followingapplication,which further increases
the adhesion properties!

Positively, the BEST ADHERING and  MOST DEPENDABLE estrus detection tag available!
Tags must stay attached...and we've made sure they will!!! 
FREE SHIPPING on 100 or more tag orders placed by Mar 1st!
Guaranteed the "BEST STICKING ADHESIVE" in the industry!
Our newly developed "SUPER STICK" adhesive is applied
to all tags manufactured after August, 2014.
We PROMISE cattlemen will love them!
Tim Marshall, Marshall Cattle Company, Medicine Lodge, KS
"We used your patches, and they are awesome!!! Those cows were wet hided when we put them on, and we didn't have any fall off early. If you don't have a dealer in this area, I would like to get set up as one if possible and start getting my AI customers switched over to your patches. Just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product and let you know I was impressed with how well they worked!

My brother's cows were dry when they put your patches on, and they actually had to use pliers to get some of the patches off after they bred - I never dreamed there was a self-adhesive patch out there with that kind of sticking power!"

A single mounting

After 3-5 mountings

5 to 50 mountings
where applicable


Very aggressive,
longer term
Increasing your pregnancy rate is more important today than ever before!
Apply before and/or after breeding to effectively monitor estrus activity.

STANDING HEAT, your source for the most dependable heat detection tag in the industry!
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