Our AI patches are an excellent aid for livestock producers in detecting females in "standing-heat".

Apply the detectors to your females prior to "coming into heat" when synchronizing estrus cycles or after breeding and embryo transplant to monitor returns.

The detectors have a dark-gray, 'Rub-Off' surface and a bright signal layer underneath (in red, fuchsia, green or yellow). This bright color begins to show through the gray layer after the first mounting resulting from the rubbing pressure. Additional mountings result in increased color exposure. If the patches are applied and timely observed, there is zero chance of a false reading!

Optimum heat detection results in more pregnancies, which greatly improves your "bottom-line" profitability! Whether used for AI, embryo transplant or natural breeding purposes, knowing your females are in heat is important! To order call 877-505-0914, email or click here.
When applied, they actually are designed to hug
the curvature shape of the backbone as they
warm following application. It is the ONLY PATCH
in the industry that is positively sensitive to body
heat which further increases it's adhesion properties!
Increasing your pregnancy rate is more important today than ever before!
Apply before and/or after breeding to effectively monitor estrus activity.
STANDING HEAT, your source for the most dependable heat detection patch in the industry!
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